AGM 2024 Highlights

AGM 2024 Highlights

The recent Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Utrecht Network, perfectly hosted and welcomed by Efi Michael and her team, Rector Prof. Andreas Efstathiou and the Deans of the European University Cyprus from 17th to 19th April 2024, brought together UN members and partners for an enriching exchange of ideas and updates.

Key highlights included:

  • Workshop by Lina Hörügel (University of Leipzig): delivered inspiring insights on “Strategic International Communication”.
  • UN State of the Art and Highlights: Detailed the latest achievements and ongoing projects.
  • Dr. Żaneta Kubic (Jagiellonian University): Presented “Decoding AI and Metaverse: Transforming the Future of University Collaboration”, exploring the intersection of technology and academia.
  • UN Task Forces: Reviewed current activities and discussed future plans.
  • Task Force Interactive Sessions: Engaged participants in collaborative discussions.
  • AEN, MAUI, REARI Updates: Highlighted new initiatives and future plans.
  • New Initiatives:
    • UN RIGE Staff Training: Focused on “Responsible Internationalization, Science Diplomacy, and At-Risk Scholars”.
    • JU&MUNI Staff Week: Discussed sustainable university visions.
    • Student Mobility Webinars: Aimed at promoting student exchanges.
    • Students to Students Tips: Shared practical advice for students.

The meeting also included the election of two new Steering Committee members:

  • Marita Foster was elected Vice-President (University College Cork).
  • Ioanna Georgiadou (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) joined as a new Steering Committee member.

A special thank you was extended to the outgoing President, Kristin Skogedal (University of Bergen), and a warm welcome to the new President of Utrecht Network, Sabine Pendl (University of Graz).

The AGM reinforced the network’s commitment to fostering international collaboration and innovation in higher education.

For those who missed the event or wish to breathe in the energy of it, you can watch the following video: