Steering Committee


The members of the Steering Committee of the Utrecht Network are:

  • Sabine Pendl (University of Graz) – President
  • Marita Foster (University College Cork) – Vice President
  • Sandra Rebel (University of Strasbourg)
  • Izabela Zawiska (Jagellonian University)
  • Ioanna Georgiadou (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

The Steering Committee is supported by the Executive Secretariat at the University of Bologna, Silvia Mastrapasqua. Contact: [email protected]


The responsibilities of the Steering Committee are set out in Section 16 of the Utrecht Network’s Statutes. The main tasks of the Steering Committee are:

  • To steer the direction of the Utrecht Network by suggesting developments and ideas which are then discussed and agreed at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  • To prepare and evaluate the AGM.
  • To take responsibility for the daily affairs of the Network. This includes the implementation of the decisions taken by the AGM and the administration of the budget, including the monitoring of the efficient use of funds allocated to the Task Forces and other projects.

Annual General Meetings

1989 Coimbra; 1990 Bochum; 1991 Bologna; 1992 Arhus; 1993 Antwerp; 1994 Madrid; 1995 Lund; 1996 Strasbourg; 1997 Graz; 1998 Thessaloniki; 1999 Ljubljana; 2000 Malta; 2001 Helsinki; 2002 Reykjavik; 2003 Brno; 2004 Vilnius; 2005 Basel; 2006 Scarborough (= Campus Hull); 2007 Lille; 2008 Cork; 2009 Leipzig; 2010 Nantes; 2011 Iasi; 2012  Utrecht; 2013 Bergen; 2014 Krakow; 2015 Tartu; 2016 Belfast; 2017 Hull; 2018 Bratislava; 2019 Riga; 2020 Online; 2021 Online; 2022 Brussels; 2023 Thessaloniki; 2024 Cyprus