Summer School Grant

Utrecht Network Summer School Grant

The label “Utrecht Network Summer School” needs approval by the Summer School Task Force and the Steering Committee.

A financial contribution may be given to the school by the Network. Both funded (and there is a maximum of 3 per year) and non-funded Utrecht Network Summer Schools are eligible to allocate the Summer School grants.

Each Summer School can allocate grants (€250) for each member institution annually. There is a maximum of 90 grants per year (based on the number of members).

Each school (preferably its academic committee) decides on the allocation of the grants in a transparent manner:

  • The organising institution and/or the academic committee agree on selection criteria for the school based on the requirements in the call. It then produces a ranking list of the applicants according to these selection criteria, and mentioning the home institution. The first student on that list from each member institution receives a grant. If no students apply from a member institution this non-used grant can be used for students from other member institutions ranked lower than first on that list regardless of their home institution.
  • Participants who are eligible for Erasmus+ ST funding cannot receive these grants – even if their home institution will not allocate ST funding for them.
  • The school distributes the grants to the students selected (or reduces their fee accordingly) and then claims the funding from the Utrecht Network Secretariat.
  • The school reports on the allocation of grants to the Secretariat.