WeTell, a Utrecht Network Summer School

WeTell, a Utrecht Network Summer School

WeTell Summer SchoolWeTell Summer School is about innovating storytelling to address civic awareness in the post-digital age.

Do you believe your ideas have potential but you don’t know how to communicate them and capitalize on them?
Would you like to discover the potentialities of storytelling as an empowering tool?
Do you think you could bring a contribution to the community with your passions, your dreams and your visions?

WeTell Summer School focuses on the art and practice of performative storytelling. Its aim is to promote civic awareness among European and International students living in a hyper-technological but unequal environment.

Where and where

WeTell Summer School will take place in Bologna from 4 June to 15 June 2018.

The School

The media environment is not a neutral environment, nor it is equally accessible. Media as environment shape our views, our opinions and us.

At WeTell Summer School you will investigate the newly born idea of “post-digital era”, as well as its various media.
You will re-discover and re-evaluate traditional technologies in relation to the new digital ones because new media do not replace old media: they complicate each other.


The 2018 edition of the Performative Storytelling Summer School focuses of the idea of Responsibility as the main core of Performative Storytelling.

Responsibility as an active practice of communication implies first awareness of people and environments.

WEEK 1: We will learn to experience, conceptualize, express and mediate awareness of people and environments through seminars, workshops, city activities, fieldwork and more. Responsibility as an active practice of communication implies than to engage and act.

WEEK 2: We will work together to the practical realization of pro-active experiences of performative storytelling to enhance civic awareness together with professionals and experts from a variety of fields.

The daily program will be available soon!


On the website, you can find all the details and information about the School, its program, its organization and of course about how to apply.

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