Intensive Course – WeTell: 3nd edition online

Intensive Course – WeTell: 3nd edition online

WeTell Summer School

Innovative storytelling to address civic awareness

WeTell Summer School is about innovating storytelling to address civic awareness.

WeTell Summer School explores theories and practices of performative storytelling to funnel thoughts, ideas and experiences. It navigates A VARIETY OF THEMES AND QUESTIONS including:

  • Is the Medium the Message? Oral, written, and digital tools.
  • Media as environments: are friendly technologies truly friendly?
  • Narcissus Narcosis: are you a conscious citizen?
  • Form of communication/form of societies: local, global, glocal.
  • We all tell stories: do you understand mine?
  • Experiencing intercultural and inter-generational practices of telling.
  • How to apply Performative Storytelling to social troubleshooting/problem-solving
  • Technological divide & multicultural societies

Where and when

WeTell Summer School will take place Online from 2nd to 30th November 2020.

The School

The School focuses on the notions of DISSENT and VULNERABILITY as LIBERTARIAN AND RESPONSIBLE PRACTICES to become active citizens, not as populistic or nihilistic attitudes.

You will learn to appreciate dissent and vulnerability as SOCIAL DEVICES that relate to CIVIC RESPONSIBILITY, to ACT THROUGH LANGUAGE AND MEDIA upon a variety of discourses employed by institutions, agencies of power, corporations.

You will turn from IRONIC SPECTATORS TO ACTIVE THINKERS through seminars, charrettes, workshops and more.


Due to Covid-19 emergency and the international travel restrictions WeTell School 2020 will run online

WeTell School turns the emergency into AN OPPORTUNITY to explore new interactive forms of sharing and exploring knowledge and realities through storytelling.

Our program has been reorganized along FOUR WEEKS, starting from November 2nd. We have adjusted our timetable to the new habitat, shifting the idea of INTENSIVE from GEOLOCATED SPACE to QUALITY TIME.

Originally conceived as an intensive and immersive experience in Bologna, WeTell 2020 is now rethought as an online experience combining LIVE SESSIONS and GUIDED SELF-LEARNING. The intent is to customize our learning path and accommodate different needs, also depending on a series of environmental factors that are still difficult to predict.

For a detailed version of the program and time schedule, please download the PDF “Program at a glance” soon available on this page.

Website and how to apply

All information about the edition of 2019, its organization and programme and how to apply are available here.

Deadline is 30th September.