Views on Erasmus+

Views on Erasmus+

Erasmus+The Utrecht Network acknowledges the importance of the previous and current European Commission programmes for higher education institutions, students, staff and for civil society at large.  

This importance is reflected in the mission of the Utrecht Network itself.

The Utrecht Network therefore wishes to contribute to the evaluation of the Erasmus+ Programme; in particular, to share ideas and suggestions for the development of the programme in the future.

These ideas and suggestions are reflected in this Position Paper on the Erasmus+ Programme, which has been prepared by internationalisation “practitioners” from member institutions in the Utrecht Network. 

Its purpose is to present the European Commission with a technical and operative view on the current and future Programme, a view based on the daily management of Erasmus+ projects and actions.

It is structured in a quite simple and direct way, referring to already-existing actions and providing comments on the current state of implementation and potential adjustments for the years to come or for the future of the programme.

Queries about the paper should be sent to the President of the Utrecht Network, Francesco Girotti ([email protected]).