From Istanbul: SC Meeting Highlights!

From Istanbul: SC Meeting Highlights!

We’re thrilled to share the latest updates from our recent Steering Committee meeting held in the vibrant city of Istanbul, on 7th and 8th November 2023 . The meeting, filled with constructive discussions and collaborative planning, focused on several key agenda items that will shape the future of our Network.

The Agenda Highlights:

  1. News from the Task Forces: Latest findings, challenges, achievements, and ongoing projects. 
  2. Connecting Globally: The reports and next initiatives related to our overseas Networks reaffirm the global strength of our community. 
  3. New Ideas for our Institutional Communication: Embracing innovation, we are exploring fresh ideas to enhance our online presence. Exciting changes are in the pipeline to ensure that our website and communication channels remain dynamic and user-friendly.
  4. Plans for Joint Meeting and AGM: The upcoming Joint Meeting in February 2024 and the Annual General Meeting (AGM) were discussed in more detail. These events promise to be pivotal moments for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and strategic planning.
  5. Sustainability: UN is dedicated to fostering sustainability in all aspects of internationalization. From our initiatives to our operations, we are committed to making a positive impact on our planet.
  6. Erasmus Position Paper: The Utrecht Network produced a document on our position paper on the Erasmus+ Programme for the Erasmus+ mid-term evaluation.

Stay tuned for more details about the upcoming Joint Meeting and AGM. 

With new ideas, collaborative plans, and a focus on sustainability, we’re gearing up for an exhilarating journey ahead.