New Initiative “International Communication” launched

Svend Poller, Darja Lisjak, Violeta Osouchová,Katharina Pingel (for Lina Hörügel), Matteo Benni

New Initiative “International Communication” launched

Universities are faced with a situation that communicating directly and tailor-made to their target groups (international and national for international purposes) becomes more and more important and digital at the same time.

The international communication has been expanding through the last years and will continue do so. That is why the tool box for international communication needs to be expanded bearing in mind that the target groups are exposed to an abundance of information in their study and work environments.

This results in the need to address them more individually to catch and keep their attention. This is a field that will develop rapidly in the years to come and needs to be addressed continuously as a field for professional development for those in charge.

A new initiative group called “international communication” was approved at the last AGM 2018.

Barbara Schneeberger, Head of International Public Relations – University of Graz, Austria
Darja Lisjak, Head of Public Relations – University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Lina Hörügel, Head of International Public Relations – Leipzig University, Germany
Matteo Benni, Spokesman, Social Media Editor – University of Bologna, Italy (member since March 2019)
Svend Poller, Director of the International Centre – Leipzig University, Germany
Violeta Osouchová, Head of Strategy and International Marketing Division – Masaryk University, Czech Republic

On October 29th – 30th 2018 five university representatives (Darja Lisjak from Ljubljana, Barbara Schneeberger from Graz, Violeta Osouchová from Brno, Svend Poller and Lina Hörügel from Leipzig) met for the first time at Leipzig University. The programme covered a wide range of issues, from presenting the individual international communication strategies to discussing current problems within that field. It was agreed that it is worth continuing this cooperation. 

A second meeting in Bologna, in spring 2019 took place used to explore options to share the expertise, especially in using social media, with other members of the network. It was agreed to offer a workshop prior to AGM 2020 and continue collaborating.

In the group picture, from left to right: Svend Poller, Darja Lisjak, Violeta Osouchová,Katharina Pingel (for Lina Hörügel), Matteo Benni.