First Staff Training on virtual exchange (COIL)


First Staff Training on virtual exchange (COIL)

The first online Staff Training on virtual exchange (COIL) has finished. 

The course was given by Dr. Robert O’Dowd (University of Leon) who has exacted the methodology and its tools in Europe. 

The academic staff from 18 Utrecht Network universities took part in the course and found it inspiring for renovating their classroom pedagogies, especially in the times of restricted mobility. 

The virtual exchange (VE) methodology provides perfect ground for the academic staff and students to work together internationally in an extremely meaningful way.

The first group of VE trainees has come up with this list of partner search according to the areas. 

Here’s the padlet link, listing the Utrecht Network Partners looking for Virtual Exchange partners, according to the subject areas (Social sciences; computer &engineering, languages and literature, natural sciences):