Executive Secretariat moves to the University of Bologna

Executive Secretariat moves to the University of Bologna


On 1 January 2018 the Utrecht Network Executive Secretariat moved from the University of Hull, UK to the University of Bologna, Italy.  The role of Executive Secretariat will be undertaken by Silvia Mastrapasqua from the University of Bologna:

‘I am very honored to be part of the Utrecht Network team and excited to take over the role of Secretariat.

My 12 years experience of Project Management in IT in the complex environment of the University of Bologna has required the skill of adapting to new situations quickly, and developed my interpersonal awareness and communication skills; I trust they will result helpful in this new challenging adventure. 

I will do my best to give continuity to the fantastic job that Fiona Miller of the University of Hull has done with enormous care and dedication for the last five years.

I want to thank her very much for the  help she’s been giving to me, allowing me to catch up on all the useful information about the Network and to be aligned with all the various activities.

I extend a warm greeting to all members of Utrecht Network, and am waiting to meet you all.’

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