Internationalisation of Curricula Knowledge Base

The Internationalisation of Curricula Task Force has worked to gather and share information about the process of internationalisation of curricula. In exploring this field, the Task Force discovered a wealth of information.

In order to help out others who are interested in this field, the Task Force has made an overview of the most relevant resources, and provides short summaries of each.

The resources are grouped into 4 categories:

  1. Definitions and background overview
  2. Developing internationalised curricula
  3. Tools and guides
  4. Case studies

Each link leads to a pdf document with the overview for that particular category. In the pdf, links are provided to the original documents. In addition, below you will find a full bibliography of all the documentation gathered.

The Task Force would like to stress that all copyright remains with the authors, and that the overviews are made available to help find relevant information more quickly.

If you know of other resources (publications, articles, web sites) on this topic that could be relevant for others, please feel free to notify us.