Hosting a Summer School

Hosting a Utrecht Network International Summer School

Utrecht Network International Summer Schools are a perfect means for marketing the host institution and establishing linkages with several other UN member institutions and members of partner consortia (eg. AENMAUI and REARI-RJ ) at the same time. Offshoots can entail extended cooperation including research, joint publications, the creation of joint degrees, hybrid forms of teaching, etc.

Utrecht Network Summer School should follow the following principles:
a) an academic committee is organising and monitoring the content of the school;
b) the majority of institutions represented in the academic committee should belong to Utrecht Network;
c) the majority of participants (students and/or doctoral candidates) should belong to Utrecht Network and partner consortia, including locals, but not exclusively;
d) fees should be different for participants from within, including partner consortia, and outside Utrecht Network.

Usually, an academic committee that comprises members of various Utrecht Network institutions prepares the curriculum, its members are involved in the teaching and are in charge of the quality of the school. The organisation of a school is in the hands of a local organiser.

Although there are various ways to organise a Summer School, guidelines have been developed that could help to take the necessary steps.

If the status of the school as a Utrecht Network School is approved you may use this form to describe it and send it to the Secretariat for publication as soon as possible.

In the first three years a Utrecht Network Summer School is organised, the school will be eligible for  some financial support (around €15,000 annually) from the Network. The amount of funding is closely related to the duration of the school.

Applications to the Summer Schools Task Force must include a preliminary budget proposals plus information of the composition of the Academic Committee.

All schools that fulfil the criteria mentioned above can be eligible for the Utrecht Network label, which means: promotion and recruitment of teachers and students within the Network will be supported, and the schools will be advertised on the Utrecht Network homepage and in the Newsletter.

All member universities are encouraged to come up with proposals for additional schools they would like to host.

People who plan to organise a summer school in the future are encouraged to check the additional funding opportunities by EU’s Blended Intensive Programmes (BIPs) with your institutional ERASMUS+ coordinator:
minimum requirements: 3 institutions from 3 countries, 15-20 participants, min. 3 ECTS, teaching in presence for 5-30 days, virtual teaching without any limits.

Please approach the Task Force Chair well in advance if your institution plans to go ahead.

Utrecht Network Summer Schools

It is possible for Summer Schools to be given the status of a Utrecht Network Summer School without receiving funding from the Utrecht Network.  The conditions for such schools would be:

  • an Academic Committee would be formed comprising representatives from member institutions
  • the School would be not for profit
  • the School would comply with the Summer School guidelines, in particular relating to the recruitment of participants

Students from such schools would be eligible for a Utrecht Network hospitality grant.

A summary of previous Utrecht Network Summer Schools can be found here: overview_summerschools_2022.